In the time since Portrayal of Guilt released their excellent 2018 debut album Let Pain Be Your Guide, they kept the momentum going with the 2019 Suffering Is A Gift EP and their 2020 split with Slow Fire Pistol and collab single with Street Sects, and now they've finally announced their sophomore album. It's called We Are Always Alone and it comes out January 21 via Closed Casket Activities. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Phillip Odom, mastered by Will Yip, and it features electronics/noise by Mack Chami (Terror Cell Unit, God Is War), vocals and album art by Chris Taylor (pg.99, Pygmy Lush), and vocals by Matt Michel (NØ MAN, Majority Rule).

Along with the announcement comes the first two singles, "It's Already Over" and "Masochistic Oath," and they find Portrayal of Guilt continuing to push their sound in all kinds of new, increasingly genre-defying directions. They have as much in common with screamo and hardcore as they do with black metal, and they fuse those sounds in a way that you don't hear everyday. Listen below.

1. The Second Coming
2. Anesthetized
3. A Tempting Pain
4. It's Already Over
5. Masochistic Oath
6. They Want Us All to Suffer
7. Garden of Despair
8. My Immolation
9. We Are Always Alone


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