Positioner is the new-ish project of guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist George Pritzker, who played guitar in Weatherbox in the Cosmic Drama and Flies In All Directions eras, and who also was in the now-defunct math rock band Japandi. Weatherbox frontman Brian Warren calls George "a big influence on the songwriting and trajectory of Weatherbox in general" and adds that Positioner is "absolutely my favorite band in a minute."

The band -- which also includes drummer Griffin Kisner ("my main collaborator and the other core member of the project," says George), bassist Jeff Striker, and keyboardist Evan Backer -- are gearing up to release their debut EP Unsteady Hands on November 13 via Thrill Me Records, which was produced by Ben Moore, who's also worked with Tera Melos, Pinback, and others. We're premiering lead single/title track, and if you like Japandi, Weatherbox's mathy side, and those other aforementioned Ben Moore collaborators, there's a very good chance you're going to like this too.

"'Unsteady Hands' is the first of a series of songs we finished recording just before quarantine," George tells us. "They’re each inspired by different physical manifestations of anxiety — in this case, the nervous shaking of the hands — and how those sensations can cue us to accept outcomes we can’t control."

"Just about everyone I’ve spoken with over the past six months has faced a major loss or thwarted expectations about what the future holds," he continues. "This song tries to reconcile the impulse to clasp tightly with the power found in a loosened grip."


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