As mentioned, California post-hardcore vets Downcast are back and gearing up to release their first album in 25 years, Tell Me I’m Alive, on February 21 via their longtime label Ebullition Records as well as Justin Pearson's Three One G label (pre-order). The band was initially around for just four years (and members went on to form Not For The Lack of Trying, Jara, and Born & Razed), but they left a big impact in that small amount of time, and you can still hear the influence of their music, politics, and DIY ethos resonating today. And going by new single "Mayday," Downcast (whose current lineup is Kevin Doss, Greg Doss, Brent Stephens, and Sean Sellers) have still got it.

"Mayday" is musically on the lighter indie rock side compared to some of Downcast's heavier classics, but there's nothing "light" about its subject matter, which tackles a lot of the injustices in the world today and comes with a powerful, well-matched video (created by Displaced/Replaced) that further conveys the song's message. This is no living-in-the-past reunion album; it's as relevant in 2020 as can be. Watch/listen below.

From the Body
Nature of a Gun
Four Arrows
Hiding in the Limbs
The Response from White America
Sandpaper (A Song for Still Life)
The World He Promised to Katherine

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