Post-punk icons This Heat have always been a bit of a hard band to get into, partially because of the the intense "difficult" nature of their music, but more because their records were hard to find. Drawing from art rock, avant-garde, and free jazz, and using tape loops to manipulate their sound, This Heat were never as accessible as other post-punk groups like Joy Division, Gang of Four or even the similarly minded The Pop Group, and physical copies were collectors items, at least till they were reissued on vinyl and CD in 2016 around the band's 40th anniversary.

The band's Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward also did reunion tours as This is Not This Heat, which raised awareness, but in our age of streaming, their music remained elusive, not on Spotify or other streaming services.

That changes today, though, as This Heat's albums have now finally hit streaming services, from Bandcamp to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc. Dig into their very influential catalog -- including their self-titled 1979 debut and 1981's Deceit -- below.

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