Halifax's POSTDATA, the project of Wintersleep frontman Paul Murphy, will release new album Twin Flames on March 5 via Paper Bag. Murphy made the record with producer Ali Chant and drummer Matt Brown, and he describes the tone as “inward-looking and focused on creating and surrounding itself in hope and warmth.”

You definite get feelings of warmth and hope on Twin Flames' gorgeous title track. "Lyrically its about weathering storms," Paul says. "It’s a love song but also felt really poignant personally during full pandemic lockdown this idea of weathering storms. Enduring them. Inhabiting them. Becoming them." The video for the single was directed by animator Christopher Mills and you can watch that below.

postdata twin flames

Twin Flames tracklist
1. Haunts
2. Inside Out
3. Nobody Knows
4. Yours
5. Twin Flames
6. Kissing
7. Behind You
8. My Mind Won’t
9. Tomb

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