Montreal band Pottery were set to release their debut album, Welcome to Bobby's Motel, this week...but due to coronavirus, it's been rescheduled for June 26. Which is a bummer, but you can check out two songs from the album -- "Texas Drums Pt 1 & 2" and "Take Your Time," both of which are excellent -- below. The band's summer tour, which begins in July, is still on for now and fingers crossed the world gets back to some semblance of normal by then.

Meanwhile, we've been asking artists what they're listening to while being stuck at home, and Pottery's bassist Tom Gould has made us a playlist that includes tracks from Paul McCartney, Sparklehorse, Eels, Have a Nice Life, Jessica Pratt, John Lennon, and more. Check that out, along with Tom's commentary for each song, below.

Westerman - "Blue Comanche"
This has been on a few times a week since it came out - pure sonic escapism. His music makes me feel like I’m in a John Hughes movie, if they were set in 2020, yaknow? Really looking forward to his record in June; I’ve loved everything I’ve heard from it so far.

Paul and Linda McCartney -" Heart of the Country"
My bedroom gets very little sunlight. I live in the middle of a concrete wasteland. Every park is teeming with people and pesky pigs policing and putting everyone on edge. This song soundtracks my hours looking up rural rent prices online - so far I’ve looked into British Columbia, County Donegal in Ireland and Andalucia. Suggestions welcome.

Happyness - "Ouch (Yup)"
I was lucky enough to have Ash send me early mixes from their upcoming record. I called it then and I’ll say it again, this one is a clanger. Happyness means a lot to me; they’ve been the cool older guys since we were teenagers in really tight jeans, can’t wait to see ‘em on the road again.

Sparklehorse - "Homecoming Queen"
I’ve been doing my fair share of sitting around, staring at walls and bumming out about the world. I think this might be the saddest song I know. Kudos for the Richard III embodiment (fav Shakespearean villain) and also mentioning sparklers and horses in a Sparklehorse song.

Have A Nice Life - "Bloodhail"
My roommate just played me this record when we were playing Skate3. Given it a couple of spins since then.

Sorry - "As The Sun Sets"
Been looking forward to their debut for what, two years? This one is a highlight for me. They’re so wonky.

Jessica Pratt - "Half Twain The Jesse"
My dear pal Markus played this in the car when we were driving to work back when we had jobs, 3 weeks ago. He insisted it was from the 70s. Classic Pratt. Timeless melodies. I’mma send Markus a message after this and tell him I miss him. I encourage you to do the same to the Markuses in your lives.

John Lennon - "Oh Yoko!"
My girlfriend’s cat is called Coco. Everytime I see her (the cat) I sing “Oh Coco!” in my head all day. It’s getting really annoying. It does cheer me up a little bit though, I’m not gonna lie to you.

Caroline - "Dark Blue"
I managed to catch about the seven minutes of Caroline’s set in a church in Oslo for By:Larm in February. It was pretty special. I’ve been enjoying slowing down to this and the b-side in the last couple weeks.

Eels - "Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)"
I’ve always listened to this song when I’ve felt particularly sad or elated. It’s cheesy but it helps me to appreciate those moments; these feelings are so affirming of your humanity, yaknow? And once you apply that to the situation right now... we’re living through this tragic period of human history which is horrible however you look at it. But experiencing it firsthand and feeling what we’re feeling is kinda the most heightened and human experience, right? IDK, felt profound, might delete later. It’s a dumb song.


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