For my money, one of the most grossly overlooked comedy series of all-time has got to be Pound House. Launched under the umbrella of YouTube comedy channel JASH, Pound House is the brainchild of comedians Doug Lussenhop and Brent Weinbach. The first episode premiered April 17, 2013 and finally went quiet on June 15, 2017 after 18 bite-sized episodes spread across 3 seasons. The brilliance of the series was not just due to the profoundly hilarious and absurdist adventures the main characters Doug and his unhinged and often oppressive sidekick Brent find themselves involved in; the episodes, usually clocking in at around 6-minutes, were a master class of economical and air-tight production. The editing, the camera work, the sound design, and the writing have absolutely no fat. There isn't a wasted frame. There isn't a superfluous moment. Which shouldn't come as a surprise given Doug's production pedigree. He, along with Eric Fensler, created the infamous GI Joe parody PSAs and then went on to write and edit for shows including Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, The Eric Andre Show, and Portlandia. I would argue that 75% of Awesome Show's success can easily be attributed to Doug's editing prowess.

The world has definitely been aching for more Pound House and I am happy to report that Doug has set up an Indiegogo campaign to finance a fourth season. The first three seasons were produced by JASH, but now Doug and Brent are a fully independent Mom & Pop operation and, like PBS, rely on contributions from nickels like you to make a fourth season dream come true. They are very close to their $18,000 goal. So close I can smell it. Please pitch in. In the meantime, enjoy the Indigogo campaign video, a few Pound House gems, some 2 Wet Crew, and more Doug stuff below.

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