California straightedge band Power Alone is the new band fronted by Eva Hall, who used to front Rats In The Wall (with Brad Logan of Leftover Crack/F-Minus) and mid 2000s metalcore band Gather before that. Power Alone's lineup also includes Eva's brother/Gather bandmate Dustin, and his former Lockstep bandmate Joven.

They released their debut single "Where We Stand" / "Something Real" last year, and they recently announced their debut album, Rather Be Alone, which comes out February 28 via the long-running, trusty Indecision Records (Unbroken, Suicide File, etc). The record was helmed by producer Paul Miner (Kill Your Idols, Curl Up and Die, Thrice, etc), and it features both previously released songs, along with nine other new ones. If you haven't heard them yet, both singles are killer -- angry, pissed-off hardcore with a purpose, a groove, and just the right amount of melody. Talking about "Something Real," Eva told No Echo:

We decided to release 'Something Real' first because we feel like it’s not exactly what would be expected from us musically, being mostly members of Gather. The lyrics reflect something I think about quite a bit: the sense of alienation that comes with getting older (I’m 36) yet still holding onto my ideals from my youth, and still being consistently involved with punk and hardcore. It’s about the longing for a scene that feels more like a community again.

Listen to both songs below and stay tuned for the album.

No upcoming dates at the moment for Power Alone (who recently played a few West Coast shows with SECT), and though Eva says it's hard for the band to play too many shows because they live so far apart, she also adds, "We are hoping to plan strategic little tours here and there and just keep writing and recording." Fingers are crossed that they make it to the East Coast!

Power Alone

1. Self Fulfilling Prophecy
2. Desert
3. Where We Stand
4. Cope
5. Rather Be Alone
6. Stay True
7. Disposable
8. Vanish
9. Listen
10. All We've Got
11. Something Real

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