It's been nearly a week since news of the sad and shocking loss of Power Trip frontman Riley Gale broke. In that time, tributes have been pouring in from throughout the metal and hardcore communities, and beyond. Now the band have responded to the outpouring of messages on social media.

"We would like to thank all the fans, friends, and people around the world who have shown us so much love and support over the last several days," they write. "Thank you for honoring Riley and continuing to share your stories, memories, and photos. May his legacy live on forever. 1986-2020"

Bassist Chris Whetzel also shared a message of his own, writing, "Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, still feels like a dream that I’m gonna wake up from. We love you Riley Gale. We’ll share stories and carry your name as the rock star you were. RIPower"

In the wake of Gale's passing, Power Trip's 2017 album (our pick for the 57th best of the 2010s, in any genre) Nightmare Logic stands at the #1 slot in two of Apple Music's charts, for metal and rock.

Though a cause of death is still not known, both Ice-T (whose new Body Count album Riley contributed to) and Greg Gutfeld of Fox News say that they were told that Riley died in his sleep. Ice-T's message is below, along with a video Riley and he made in quarantine.

Rest in Peace, Riley. We still can't believe this.

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