It's the end of the world as we know it, and it feels like just about anything goes at this point, so naturally the "Headstrong" band have been in the news for having a Twitter meltdown in which they reveal themselves to be possessed of Trump-loving, MAGA-spouting, "crybaby victim"-hating opinions. Obviously.

In case you haven't been keeping up with these developments, here are a few "highlights" that give you the gist of what Trapt's tirade has been all about, starting with when they called civil rights activist Bishop Talbert Swan "THE authority on victim mentality":

Maybe Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown is just adjusting to our strange current reality in social isolation and that's why he's spewing all this garbage online, but either way it's super eyerolling, as the never-afraid-to-be-outspoken Power Trip frontman Riley Gale clearly agrees. As The PRP points out, following Trapt bragging about how "2 million Spotify and 2.6 million Pandora users mean I will make more money on any given weekend than you will make all year," Riley tweeted:

It went on from there:

Well there you have it Power Trip fans, Trapt says you have no money.

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