Pre-order our exclusive blue pink splatter vinyl variant of Dinosaur Jr.'s new album 'Sweep It Into Space.'

Dinosaur Jr. released their twelfth album, the great Sweep It Into Space, back in April, and we're psyched to have teamed up with them and Jagjaguwar for an exclusive new variant of the album on blue pink splatter vinyl, limited to 300 copies and available exclusively in our stores where you'll find other Dinosaur records on vinyl too. Pre-order yours while they last!

Here's a mock-up of the vinyl:

Dinosaur Jr - Sweep it into Space variant

In our review of Sweep It Into Space, we wrote, "The good times and genial atmosphere are evident on the super-crunchy, quintessentially DinoJr-y 'Hide Another Round,' and on 'And Me,' which playfully drops in a little of J's Cure-loving side with breathlessly strummed acoustics right out of 'In Between Days.' Acoustics are also a big part of the appeal on the album's lead single, 'I Ran Away,' that's got an instant earworm chorus and some nice twin leads. If 'N Say' and 'You Wonder' are straight off the back of The Wagon -- you can feel the giant stacks of Purple amps the minor chords are fed through -- they are still satisfying, like your grandmother's chocolate chip cookies." Read the rest here.

Dinosaur Jr. also recently released a new live album, Emptiness at The Sinclair, and their fall tour kicks off later this month.

You can also order Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not, Hand It Over (deluxe purple double vinyl edition), and the Visitors 5x7" vinyl and book boxset, in the BV store.

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