Boston emo/post-hardcore vets Garrison formed in 1998 and lasted for six years before breaking up in 2004, and they were one of the most underrated bands of the era. Their 1999 debut EP The Bend Before The Break (released on Revelation Records) pulled from the yearning melodies of second wave emo, the impassioned shrieks of screamo, and the knotty guitars of early '90s post-hardcore, and it packaged it in a way that hinted at the emo boom that was just around the corner.

Nearly 23 years later, Iodine Recordings is now giving that classic EP a fully remastered vinyl release, expanded to include rare and previously unreleased material from throughout their career, including their debut single "24" and their 2001 split with UK band Hundred Reasons. It also features all new artwork by Dan McCarthy.

We've teamed up with the band and Iodine on an exclusive blue/yellow/black "Harlow" variant (named after track two on the EP), limited to just 100 copies. Get yours here while they last. They look like this:

Garrison vinyl

These days, Garrison vocalist Joseph Grillo is busy fronting the new band Judas Knife, whose debut album Death Is The Thing With Feathers comes out 9/24 via Translation Loss.

Stream the original The Bend Before the Break EP below...


Reissue Tracklist
01. Serious Heavy Drama
02. Harlow
03. Aside From Bleeding
04. You’re Devastated, I’m Sure
05. Untitled
06. New Habits For Old Friends
07. I’m a Lover
08. Panic
09. Stand Up, State Your Name
10. Ego
11. 24