Don't let the silly name fool you; Albany's Prince Daddy & the Hyena are a very serious band and their upcoming album Cosmic Thrill Seekers is quite the ambitious undertaking. It's a three-act, rock opera-style album but with a DIY punk sound and spirit that's based on frontperson Kory Gregory's mental health but also influenced by the Wizard of Oz. Kory explains, "I remember watching the Wizard of Oz one time, and noticing some weird kind of parallels between the cyclical nature of my mental health and that movie." He also adds, "It’s very, very, very much a selfish record. This is for me, to hopefully look back on when I’m in the more destructive phases of the cycle and realize that it’s not permanent and that I’ve confronted it before."

The first taste of the LP is "Lauren (Track 2)," which comes with a video featuring guest appearances from members of Oso Oso, Kississippi, Diva Sweetly, and Kory's dad, Greg. Listen/watch and check out the tracklist below. The album drops June 28 via Counter Intuitive/Big Scary Monsters.

The Heart / Passenger
1. I Lost My Life
2. Lauren (Track 2)
3. Fuckin' A
4. Dialogue
5. Cosmic Thrill Seeking Forever

The Brain / Driver
6. Slip
7. The Prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform
8. Breather
9. Ursula Merger

The Roar / Random Passerby
10. Dream Nails
11. C'Mon & Smoke Me Up
12. Trying Times
13. Klonopin
14. Wacky Misadventures of The Passenger

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