Emo eccentrics Prince Daddy & the Hyena released their very good new album Cosmic Thrill Seekers earlier this year, and their label Counter Intuitive Records is currently rolling out a covers album of that album called Christmas Thrill Seekers with one new song each day. So far, they've released covers by The Starting Line, Strange Ranger, The Sidekicks, Pool Kids, The Obsessives, Oso Oso, and Yeah Is What We Have. You can hear all seven of those below and stay tuned for more.

We also asked Prince Daddy vocalist/guitarist Kory Gregory what his favorite albums of 2019 were, and he sent a ranked list with very personable commentary on each one, plus a handful of honorable mentions. His list includes some of the artists who are also on the covers album (Oso Oso, Yeah Is What We Have, Strange Ranger), plus some bigger artists like Slipknot and Lana Del Rey. Check out the full list below.

Prince Daddy and Oso Oso also just announced a co-headlining tour together for 2020, with support from Just Friends and Sincere Engineer. The tour hits Brooklyn's Warsaw on March 15. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (12/20) at noon.

Prince Daddy and Just Friends also have some other shows around then without Oso Oso, and with Macseal. All dates are listed below.


10. White Reaper - You Deserve Love

Ear Candy. This record is a half hour straight of melodies and hooks and riffs that are literally impossible to deny. And if you do deny them, thn yr just a liar and nobody likes a liar. I dont care what musical background you come from. I dont think thats relevant information in regards to this record. I think this record was made to please the HUMAN ear. And thats exactly what it does.

9. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind

I was having this conversation with my friend a few weeks ago, talking about how all of our heroes eventually let us down. All the big formative bands that we grew up with, through the years, after a multitude of missteps, have almost became something to be ashamed of. And thn it hit us. Who would have thought that Slipknot would have been the band to transcend those missteps and not let us down? Well it true. and they proved it again this year with We Are Not Your Kind. Which, in my opinion, is not of any lesser quality thn the best records of their entire career. Still trying new things, Still writing great songs, and still maintaining all of the things that make Slipknot Slipknot. Reveal yrselves maggots.

8. Remo Drive - Natural, Everyday Degradation

This record went extremely overlooked. Such a massive step up and display of growth as songwriters since their last record. The songs are perfectly crafted, the choruses are all massive, and the lyrics are genuinely beautiful. The fact that more kids didnt go super buck nutty towards this albums release had me feeling pretty confused about the state of music for a few months. LISTEN TO THIS RECORD!

7. Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

Ok this opinion is most likely going to get me jumped or something BUT i think the songs on this record are miles and miles ahead of Emotion. And thats coming from a massive fan of Emotion. ummmm.....yea...I’ll just leave you with that.

6. Oso Oso - Basking In The Glow

Jade needs to write a bad album eventually. The world needs to know that this guy is still human. Its just not fair that he can continue to write album after album and never contribute a single bad track (well maybe besides that one about Will Farrel). I have no idea how Oso Oso is still managing to blow us away with each record when each one, we all deem as perfect. Only one man can outdo perfect. Our friendly neighborhood oso.

5. Yeah Is What We Have - Through The Window

I cant believe more people arent talking about this record. Its melodies are undeniable regardless of whatever little pocket of music you find yrself leaning towards. I think me and Tom (their songwriter) have found ourselves in this position where we have the same exact influences impacting our music. And i couldnt be more grateful to have a band like this so i can give my ears a break from Teenage Fanclub and Grandaddy. The feel good album of the year baby.

4. Macseal - Super Enthusiast

A pop record with a bottomless supply of hooks everywhere you turn. 11 singles. Straight fire singles by the way. Think early 2000s radio pop rock. Think “This is the story of a girl” or “shes so high above me”. Those are the type of hooks you can expect as yr making yr way through Super Enthusiast. Macseal managed to take the thing they do, and the thing they are known for doing, and build it into the best possible version of itself. And the result is preeetttty daaaang good

3. Great Grandpa - Four Of Arrows

This album came along later this year thn most of these and it had me reevaluating this list big time. I havent stopped listening since it came out. The production and attention to detail on this record really prevents it from ever getting old. Haunting melodies and harmonies, layers of synths, unpredictable song structures, a beautiful piano interlude in the middle of the record. its got EVERYTHING you want in an indie rock record!!!!!!! wooo!!!

2. Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell

Its wild to see all these fully established pop star household names continue to outdo themselves. To witness them not just dial in 10 more songs that sound like themselves, and instead write career best masterpieces, its something else. Its inspiring and uplifting to see this trajectory in big names like Lana Del Rey. This record just feels important to the canon of pop music in general. Somehow even making a bomb Sublime cover fit perfectly in the middle of the record and not sacrificing a bit of artistic integrity for its inclusion. Now that right there...thats gold.

1. Strange Ranger - Remembering The Rockets

i cant say enough about this band. ive been preaching this bands importance to excess for so long now and thn they drop Remembering the Rockets and somehow take me by surprise yet again. Planes In Front Of The Sun is what all the music in my head sounds like these days. Its hard to even talk about this record currently because the impact its left on my life has been so monumental since i first hard it. I feel like to do it justice, i should write an essay on it. but ill hold myself back from doing so. but legit, its a once in a decade kind of record. go buy it. please.

Honorable Mentions : insignificant Other, Greet Death, Diva Sweetly, Phony, Origami Angel, Freddie Gibs and Madlib, Big Thief, Peaer, The Berries, Cool Original


Prince Daddy & the Hyena -- 2020 Tour Dates
w/ Oso Oso, Just Friends, Sincere Engineer
03/11/20 Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry
03/12/20 Washington, DC @ Union Stage
03/13/20 Boston, MA @ Paradise
03/14/20 Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom
03/15/20 Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
03/17/20 Pittsburgh, PA @ Spirit Hall
03/18/20 Lakewood, OH @ Mahalls
03/19/20 Buffalo, NY @ Rec Room
03/20/20 Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
03/28/20 Columbus, OH @ Big Room Bar
03/29/20 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
03/30/20 Cudahy, WI @ X Ray Arcade

w/ Just Friends, Macseal
03/21/20 Ottawa, ON @ The 27 Club
03/22/20 Montreal, QC @ L’esco
03/23/20 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground Showcase
03/25/20 Albany, NY @ Hanger On Hudson
03/26/20 Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt

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