photos by Amanda Hatfield

"Who here is high?" Prince Rama's Taraka Larson admitted to the Rough Trade audience that the band were only "high on music" but the band's day-glo zen does invite the question, especially when your post-SXSW tour homecoming show lands on 4/20. They may have been buzzed on their own Xtreme Now brand energy drink, which they were jokingly shilling on stage and selling at the merch table. (Their new album, also called Xtreme Now, is extreme sports themed, kind of.) Their set drew almost exclusively from the new album, which is fine as there isn't an uncatchy song on the record. The crowd was definitely into it, many seemed dressed for the occasion and glittered up. After the main set, the band left the stage for maybe 20 seconds before returning wearing bathrobes, a funny knock on encores, and inviting people up onto the stage for an acoustic sit-in. High or not, very 4/20.

Pictureplane opened the night and pictures from his set, and more from Prince Rama, below.



Prince Rama