Rising New York rapper Princess Nokia recently signed to Rough Trade Records and the label put out a deluxe edition of last year's 1992 mixtape featuring eight new songs. Princess Nokia also made a video for two of the previously-released songs, "Bart Simpson" and "Green Line." You can watch that below.

Princess Nokia also launched a GoFundMe to help out with hurricane relief. So far she's raised over $14,000 and she has a goal of $100,000. Here's an excerpt from the page:

My name is princess Nokia. I am New York born Puerto Rican.

In recent events, my home country of Puerto Rico has recently suffered a terrible devastating tragedy by the affects of hurricane irma and Maria.

The current state of Puerto Rico is considered to be at apocalyptic loss.

It is estimated that 1.6 million house holds have had no electricity for 5 days. As of now 11 of the 69 hospitals in the entire island have sort of power.

All major satelite transmitters and phone operators have been entirely out of power. The majority of the population have no contact with the outside world and are unable to communicate their needs in time of relief, nor are they able to inform their loved ones abroad that they there are safe, or alive.

56 % of the islands population has no safe drinking water

Everyday basic human necessities such as shelter, food, medical supplies, and fuel are becoming more scarce.

Elderly, terminally ill , pregnant and expecting medical patients are suffering in despair as well as potential death without proper medical accommodations.

At the moment, there are currently only 10 commercial airplanes that are allowed to travel out of San Juan airport because of the lack of power generators available to fuel planes.

Puerto Rico is in a severe current state of crisis that threatens the very lives of its citizens.

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeast Caribbean Sea.

All Puerto Rican citizens share American citizenship since 1917.

The president of the United States, has done a terribly job providing coverage, sympathy, and relief aid to Puerto Rico in its Time of crisis, and the federal government has been slow and discreet in bringing national awareness and prompter assistance to its people.

It is predicted that if more attention and national help isn’t brought to assist Puerto Rico, the island as we know it will cease to be Inhabitable or all citizens. This is a matter of historical humanitarian crisis.

Read the rest and donate HERE. Watch an accompanying video below.

The rapper also played a sold-out hometown show at the new Villain location on Saturday (9/30) with opener Suzi Analogue. Pictures of that show are in the gallery above.


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