Prism Bitch opened Built To Spill's Keep It Like A Secret 20th anniversary tour, and then drummer Teresa Cruses ended up joining Built To Spill's new live lineup (for the 2020 tour that never happened), and now those bands cross paths again on Prism Bitch's new single "Starlight," which features a genuinely awesome guitar solo by BTS frontman Doug Martsch. The band says:

We’re excited to share this deeply personal song with you, which is inspired by the loss of our loved ones and the universality of life and death. “Starlight” is an existential rock ballad on the brevity of life. Life is short, we’re all going to die, so enjoy it. The song is made up of multiple layers of vocal harmonies and slow building energy.

We were on a 30 day tour in 2019 with Built To Spill, and Doug really liked that song which we had recorded with Toshi Kasai, and we felt that the song needed a final touch, so we asked Doug to record a solo on it, and he obliged. We are big fans of Doug’s guitar playing, so we were ecstatic at his response. Teresa was also getting ready to tour as the drummer for Built To Spill, when the pandemic derailed everyone’s plans. Having this guest solo recording is somewhat of a memento of how special that time was for us all, especially now since we’re unable to tour.

As for the video, it was a DIY effort cinematically - directed and edited by our guitarist Chris Walsh (and co-shot by our frequent collaborator, Kris Kerby). We made our own space shuttle models, we got kicked out of the Balloon Fiesta park for filming on a driving range, and we ate all the pretzels ourselves to make the helmets for our space suits. This video is a testament to how much we enjoy creating together and how much we love touring together in our van/spaceship. We call our van “mother” and our album is called Perla, named after Teresa’s mother, Perla. This whole collection of songs is dedicated to our moms...we’re pretty into moms.

The song is a catchy, anthemic dose of alternative rock that sounds like it could've been a hit in the mid '90s, and it sounds pretty good today too. The song and its video premiere in this post, and you can check it out below.

Prism Bitch's debut full-length Perla drops March 5. Pre-order it here and stream the two previous singles below the new video.

Prism Bitch Perla

1. In N Out
2. Too High
3. Top Of My Game
4. Lonely Nights
5. Wasting Time
6. I
7. II
8. Heathers
9. Starlight
10. Around
11. One Shot

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