LA's Prissy Whip (whose vocalist Crow Jane is also in Egrets on Ergot) are following 2016's R.I.P. AF with a new album, Swallow, on September 21 (pre-order). They recently released lead single "Dr. Jessup," and we're now premiering another song from the album, "Masks." If you're not familiar, Prissy Whip are a totally out-there, chaotic band who sound like a cross between Deerhoof, The Blood Brothers, and Melt-Banana, but even that description doesn't do them justice. "Masks" is truly wild stuff, and for all its utter weirdness, it's pretty fun to listen to too. When asked about the new song, Crow Jane said:

If hurt people, hurt people, where does it stem from? What is the real issue at hand and what is the solution? Aggression can be a mask for some who is hurt. The character developed or the narrative you have about who are can be a mask. Notice what all people in the world have in common. It can feel safer to hide as oppose to have who, or what, you are truly are exposed. Also, denial is a bitch.

Listen below.

Prissy Whip also have upcoming tour dates, including a NYC show on October 10 at The Kingsland with Dead Tenants, Lacey Spacecake, and Cup. All dates are listed below.

Prissy Whip -- 2019 Tour Dates
Sep. 21 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Factory
Sep. 28 - Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room (PRF)
Oct. 1 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
Oct. 2 - Kansas City, MO @ miniBar
Oct. 3 - St. Louis, MO @ FOAM
Oct. 5 - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex
Oct. 6 - Millvale, PA @ The Funhouse at Mr. Small's
Oct. 8 - Pawtucket, RI @ Machines With Magnets
Oct. 10 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Kingsland
Oct. 11 - Baltimore, MD @ Rituals
Oct. 14 - New Orleans, LA @ Poor Boys Bar
Oct. 15 - San Antonio, TX @ Amp Room