Deadguy and Kiss It Goodbye frontman Tim Singer currently fronts the new-ish band Process Black, who released a three-song demo in 2015 and are now signed to Deathwish and releasing their Countdown Failure EP on October 25 via that label (pre-order). The band's lineup also includes guitarist Aaron Edge (Lumbar, Bible Black Tyrant, Ramprasad, etc) and drummer Brock Lowry (Craft Spells), and the first song to be shared from the EP is "Lies Over Truth." It's a pretty killer dose of heavy, noisy post-hardcore that should appeal to fans of Tim Singer's classic bands without sounding like a repeat of stuff he's done before. Listen below.

Meanwhile, we recently included Deadguy's Fixation On A Co-Worker in our list of 15 '90s metalcore albums that still resonate today.

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