Several fellow musicians have paid tribute to Every Time I Die following the sudden news of their breakup, and now producer Will Putney -- who worked on the band's 2016 album Low Teens and last year's Radical -- has weighed in on an episode of the MetalSucks podcast. He said:

I think with a band like Every Time I Die, they’re just such a consistently solid band from record to record, anything they try, we always find a way to pull it off.

When [‘Radical’] was done, I mean, it’s a 16 song record because nobody wanted to cut a song [laughs]. We couldn’t agree on… it was supposed to be 11 or 12 and [it was] like, ‘Well we gotta figure out some B-sides’ and it was this never-ending back and forth, ‘We can’t cut this, we can’t cut this.’ So then it was just, ‘What if it was all the songs?’ Having a problem figuring out what the weak songs even were was a good indicator, ‘Alright, this is pretty good’ if we can’t even get the bad songs.

When that one was done I was definitely stoked on that. I had a feeling that would work. They’re just such a great band, so easy to work with in the studio, it all just connects in the right way, you know? I was feeling pretty good about that one.

Will also discussed the new album and ongoing tour by his band Fit For An Autopsy, his band END's upcoming tour with Portrayal of Guilt, Yashira, and Wake, and more. Listen to the full episode here.

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