Cleveland based artist Noah Anthony has been making electronic music as Profligate for the better part of a decade, mixing darkwave melodies, harsh electronics, and atmospheric soundscapes. His new album is Too Numb to Know, which will be out on September 25 via Wharf Cat and is the first time he's let guitar enter the Profligate realm.

The first single from Too Numb to Know is "Hang Up," a coldwave banger powered by a Carpenter-esque synth hook that dances around that aforementioned guitar. "I wrote this song as sort of a warning to my younger self to trust in your instincts and listen to your gut in times of absolute uncertainty," Noah says. "It's a positive message of seeing through moments of turmoil and to 'trust in dysfunction' and, on a wider scale, to believe in your ability to love others and yourself."

The video, which premieres in this post, would've looked at home on MTV in 1983. You can watch that, and check out Too Numb to Know's cover art and tracklist, below.

profligate to numb to know

Profligate - Too Numb to Know tracklist
1. Mask
2. Hang Up
3. Tula
4. A Little Rain
5. No Clear Way
6. We Can Punish
7. Drink a Spider
8. Just a Few Things Wrong
9. My Days
10. A Stranger

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