Lee Ranaldo @ Foley Square for Occupy Wall Street - 9/16 (photo by jessierocks)
Lee Ranaldo

Jello Biafra @ Foley Square for Occupy Wall Street - 9/16 (photo by zacharylipez)
Jello Biafra

Today (9/17,Rosh Hashanah for many), protestors have taken to the streets around Wall Street on the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movment. The anniversary celebration kicked off yesterday, on Sunday, in Foley Square near City Hall where a stage was setup for a five-hour concert featuring familiar, OWS-supporting names like Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Lee Ranaldo (and Steve Shelley) of Sonic Youth, Michelle Shocked, Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys, and Jimmy McMillan, who as we pointed out last week, will be running for mayor again because the rent is still too damn high! Watch videos from the show, below...

Jello Biafra flyer

Jimmy McMillan & Vermin Supreme #s16

Kate the Wasp Goes... to Occupy Wall Street 1 Year Anniversary

Let's Lynch the Landlord - (A Capaella) - #S16 - Jello Biafra

This Land is Your Land • Tom Morello • Foley Square, S16, 2012

#S17 TOM MORELLO "World Wide Rebel Song" Occupy Wall Street @ Foley Square 9/16/12

OWS S16 Michelle Shocked

OWS S16, Lee Ranaldo Band w/ Steve Shelley on drums (introduced by Jello Biafra)

Rebel Diaz At #OWS Foley Square #S16

Occupy the Hood #s16

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