In New York City, the Manhattan Bridge is full of protesters -- and they're boxed in, with police waiting on both ends of the bridge.

The protesters on the bridge had splintered off from a larger group that had been demonstrating in Brooklyn earlier in the day, said CNN National Correspondent Jason Carroll. The splinter group tried to make their way to Manhattan -- when they were stopped on the Manhattan Bridge.

Some are now trying to turn back and head back into Brooklyn, but they may not be able to -- there are a number of police officers around the bridge, waiting on both ends, some seen with the white zip ties used to detain protesters. [CNN]

As you may have seen or participated in, protesters marched across the Manhattan Bridge in NYC last night, but due to the 8 PM curfew that has been implemented in NYC for the entire week, the NYPD boxed them in and would not let people off at either end. According to various reports, people were not let off until around 11 PM.

Some protesters chanted at the NYPD "I don’t see no riot here, why are you wearing riot gear" and "peaceful protest," while others chanted the lyrics of Ludacris' "Move Bitch" in response to the blockade created by officers:

NY Daily News reporter Catherina Gioino and writer Noah Hurowitz also captured footage of these other chants:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized the way NYPD handled the situation:

Here is some more footage captured by protesters in attendance:


For ways to help fight racism and police brutality, we put together a list of resources.

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