Protomartyr's new album Ultimate Success Today is out July 17 and they've just shared a third track, "Michigan Hammers." The title is appropriate, sonically, as the drummer Alex Leonard and bassist Scott Davidson relentlessly pound away in tandem while Greg Ahee's guitars slash. Joe Casey says, lyrically, the song is about "building with rubble," adding, "It's probably about that and mules, syndicates, too many parking lots, camaraderie, the ideal happy hour, failure, and takin' what they're givin' 'cause we're workin' for a livin' until we start takin' it to the streets. Or something like that."

The video for the song was directed by Yoonha Park, who has worked with Protomartyr a couple times before but with everyone on lockdown, he had to get creative, making a new version of Detroit classic Robocop using only stock footage. “This video is a retelling of a well-known Michigan folk tale that describes timeless themes of greed, power, death and rebirth and nothing short of the conflict of good and evil,” says Park. Joe adds, "Couldn't make a ‘proper’ video due to the miasma. So why not make one using what tools remain?" You can watch the video below.

Protomartyr canceled their 2020 tour but you can check out photos from their New Year's Eve show opening for The Jesus Lizard at Brooklyn Steel, below.

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