Protomartyr have had a pretty good year, considering, having released their terrific fourth album Relatives in Descent, which ended up on a lot of Best of 2017 lists (including our own), and having toured almost constantly. They'll be on the road in 2018, too, heading to Australia and New Zealand early in the year, and then off to Europe in the spring. All dates are listed below.

Life in the van affords a lot of time to listen to stuff and frontman Joe Casey was nice enough to give us a list of "Some Albums I Liked Well Enough This Year" which includes records by Lars Finberg, R. Ring, Alvvays, The Fall, Terry, and more. Joe also also offers up some commentary on year-end lists in general:

I'm always stupefied when year-end list time rolls around. Especially when I see folks post shit like their "100 favorite albums of the year". That means a single person somehow consumed and critically thought of well over a hundred albums and some how figured out how to rank them. That would be like ranking all the meals for the year, sunrises, or bowel movements. Utter insanity. I will cop that my own list is primarily made up of people I know or have met through touring or just being a friendly guy that hangs out around music festival backstage bathrooms. Some are by people I don't know though, so you should take this list as the gospel truth of my impeccable taste.

This list is unranked, because I'm not an accountant despite what hack writers, devoid of all original thought, parrot whenever they stoop to describe my appearance. For the record, "Dan Conner from Roseanne's slightly worse off younger brother" and "Sleazy Jeff Daniels" are fine. Oh, I also didn't include friends that have already posted their own top ten lists (some on this fine site) that somehow didn't find the magnanimity to include my band on their list. I'm a jerk that way. I'm also forgetful, so I apologize if I missed anything important. - Joe Casey

Check out Joe's list and listen to Relatives in Descent, below.


Lars Finberg - Moonlight Over Bakersfield
ISS - Endless Pussyfooting
Rays - S/T
Richard Dawson - Peasant
Alvvays - Antisocialites
Pere Ubu - 20 Years In a Montana Missile Silo
Fred Thomas - Changer
Terry - Remember Terry
Clasp - S/T
Shells - Shells 2
The Fall - New Facts Emerge
Half Forward Line - The Back Of Mass
The Stallion - Dark Side Of The Wall
Feature- Banishing Ritual
Group Doueh & Cheveu - Dakhla Sahara Sessions
R. Ring - Ignite the Rest

Protomartyr - 2018 Tour Dates
2/15/2018 - Brisbane, AU @ The Foundry w/ Mere Women
2/16/2018 - Sydney, AU @ Oxford Art Factory w/ Mere Women
2/17/2018 - Melbourne, AU @ The Curtin w/ Mere Women
2/20/2018 - Wellington, NZ @ Valhalla
2/21/2018 - Auckland, NZ @ Whammy
07/04/2018 - Metz, FR @ Les Trinitaires
08/04/2018 - Dijon, FR @ Club La Vapeur
09/04/2018 - La Rochelle, FR @ La Sirene
10/04/2018 - Biarritz, FR @ L'Atabal
12/04/2018 - Lisbon, PT @ MusicBox
13/04/2018 - Madrid, ES @ Moby Dick
14/04/2018 - Barcelona, ES @ Sala Razzmatazz 3
16/04/2018 - Lyon, FR @ Marché Gare
17/04/2018 - Torino, IT @ Spazio 211
18/04/2018 - Ravenna, IT @ Bronson
20/04/2018 - Vienna, AT @ Chelsea
21/04/2018 - Munich, DE @ Strom
22/04/2018 - Cologne, DE @ Gebäude 9
23/04/2018 - Amsterdam, NL @ Melkweg
24/04/2018 - Munster, DE @ Gleis 22
26/04/2018 - Lund, SE @ Mejeriet
27/04/2018 - Oslo, NO @ Blå
28/04/2018 - Stockholm, SE @ Bar Brooklyn
30/04/2018 - Aarhus, DK @ TAPE
01/05/2018 - Copenhagen, DK @ Hotel Cecil
03/05/2018 - Kortrijk, BE @ Wilde Westen
04/05/2018 - Bristol, UK @ Thekla
05/05/2018 - Leicester, UK @ Handmade Festival
08/05/2018 - Hull, UK @ Fruit
09/05/2018 - Birmingham, UK @ Mama Roux's
10/05/2018 - London, UK @ Scala

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