PS Eliot

After 4 agile years as a band, P.S. Eliot is calling it a day. I
sincerely feel that we've creatively accomplished everything we set
out to from the get-go and dragging it out would be brazen and
pointless. I considered P.S. Eliot "the band I always wanted to start"
but as I've grown and Allison has grown I've come to realize that
"band" has grown too. P.S. Eliot's time as a fulfilling outlet for us
has passed so we're ending it gracefully and moving on.

We'll be playing the Fest in Gainesville as well as 2 shows in December in Brooklyn. I'll be focusing most of my time and energy on my solo project, Waxahatchee, which has a record coming out in February on Salinas Records and will be touring the US and Europe. Allison is in the process of starting a new band as well. Endless thanks to all those who have encouraged us. The past 4 years have been monumental for Allison and I and it's all because of this band and your support.

Our last 4 shows:

Saturday, September 24th @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn
w/ Witches, RVIVR and Nude Beach

Friday, October 28th @ The Fest 10 (the Atlantic), Gainesville
w/ Senders, O Pioneers!!, Little League and many more

Sunday, December 4th @ the Bell House, Brooklyn
w/Latterman and Nude Beach

Saturday, December 9th @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn

w/ The Two Funerals, Cat Vet and 1 more TBA


The October 28th show is this weekend in Florida. The December 4th show is sold out. The December 9th show is of course first come, first served.

Stay tuned for more info on Waxahatchee. Peace Out to PS Eliot.

P.S. Eliot "Like How You Are" & "Troubled Medium" 3rd St Coop 3/15/10

P.S. Eliot - Acid Flashbacks