Acclaimed artist Alex Grey has been making mind-bending visionary art for more than 40 years, perhaps best known for his life-size, anatomically accurate Sacred Mirror series, and he has collaborated with Tool on the album art for Lateralus and its subsequent tour stage design. His artwork has also been featured in album art by Nirvana, David Byrne, Beastie Boys, The String Cheese Incident and more.

For the last decade he has run The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors with his wife Allyson in Wappingers Falls, NY and he's looking to build a permanent home for the Sacred Mirror series called Entheon, a "mind-blowing sculptural building three stories high" and "a visionary art sanctuary." Entheon will also contain a space dedicated to his collaborations with Tool, and a Psychedelic Reliquary that will "host treasured artifacts and ephemera," including the spectacles of Dr. Albert Hofmann and the ashes of Timothy Leary. Grey's Kickstarter campaign raised over $350,000 for Entheon which is under construction now. That's the conception for the front of Entheon, above. Stay tuned.

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