If you're into digging in the crates for obscure heavy psych and proto-metal, you may remember that last year's installment of RidingEasy Records and Permanent Records‘ Brown Acid compilation series, Brown Acid: The Ninth Trip, included "Running High" from the sole 1972 45 by Indianapolis' Zukus, who had originally been called Ice. Since then, RidingEasy Records learned that Ice had actually recorded a full-length album in 1970 called The Ice Age but shelved it, and now the label is giving the album its first-ever release on May 15.

We've got the premiere of the "new" album's first single, "Run To Me," which kind of goes back and forth between riffy '70s hard rock and the more mind-bending psych-pop sounds of the '60s. It's not hard to picture this being recorded in 1970 -- like a lot of that year's rock records, you can feel the hangover of '60s hippie culture coming on but the sounds of the summer of love aren't completely gone yet. Listen below.

Performing band members on the album are:
Barry Crawford-vocals/organ/electric piano/harpsichord
Jim Lee-lead vocals/Vox sidewinder bass guitar/Gibson Es120 guitar
Mike Saligoe-Ludwig drums/percussion/timpani’s
John Schaffer-Gibson SG lead guitar/Harmony acoustic guitar
Richard Strange-vocals/12 string Rickenbacker & Gibson Les Paul rhythm guitars
Road manager: Dennis Ehrhart assistants Mike Williams & Brent Barnes.
Original 1970 analog recordings created at 8-Track Studios Chicago Illinois. Recording engineer Stu Phillips w/special thanks to Frank Samet.
2012 digitization & re-mix performed at Retro City Recording Studios Philadelphia Pa. by recording engineer Joe Boldizar approved by Richard Strange, Mike Saligoe & Jim Lee. Cover art by Rich Strange.

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