The Public Image is Rotten, the 2018 documentary that celebrated the 40th anniversary of Public Image Ltd, has finally gotten a digital release. You can rent it now from Vimeo.

In celebration of this, Johnny Rotten will host a virtual Q&A via PiL's Facebook on June 7. It's not exactly North America-friendly, starting at 10 AM UK time (that's 5 AM Eastern). Hopefully the video will be archived.

You can watch The Public Image is Rotten trailer and a Q&A from 2018 as part of the BUILD series, and read the synopsis, below.

Raise the volume to the max, turn up the bass and get ready to witness a ferocious life chronicled by current and former band members as well as luminaries like Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) as he recounts what he calls, “One of the best gigs I ever saw”. The infamous Ritz PiL show that turned into a riot. Hear from Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) about the odyssey he went through when he auditioned to play bass in Public Image Ltd, and when offered the job faced a hard choice whether to stay in the Chili Peppers or not. Other luminaries include Ad-Rock (Beastie Boys) and Moby. Most of all listen to John Lydon as he tells his story, in his own words from his home in some of the most intimate and open interviews ever filmed of the music icon.

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