Public Practice have shared a second single from their upcoming debut album Gentle Grip, which is out digitally on May 15 via Wharf Cat, with physical editions now out June 26. "My Head" is buoyant bit of funky reggae-tinged pop in an early-'80s style, with a little disco strings thrown in to up the breezy vibes. It's an instant earworm and the video, featuring a dozen or so dancers shot in colorful silhouette, is a lot of fun too. “The video shoot for "My Head" was Public Practice’s last social activity before we went into quarantine here in NYC," says singer Sam York. "With lyrics ‘I don't want to waste my time / I don't want to fade away’ combined with the visual of the dancers, each isolated in their own little world, the song and video feel strikingly relevant for these strange times. This video was created on the eve of isolation, edited entirely in isolation and is now coming to you while many of us are still stuck at home, but hopefully now we're all dancing.” Watch that below.

We've been asking artists what's been occupying their time while stuck at home in COVID-19 isolation, and York and guitarist Vince McClelland have both given us lists that include, music, TV, books, movies and more. Check out their picks, along with commentary, below.

While the prospect of touring this summer seems iffier by the minute, Public Practice have a few July dates with Parquet Courts still on the books, with European shows scheduled for September.




Ice Blink - Carpet Cocoon
A friend turned me on to this record just before our collective quarantined lives began. It was just released earlier this year but reminds me on one of my favorite records, 'It's Cozy Inside" by Woo, now over 30 years old. These records which have often served as a pillow to rest my head on in the early dawn hours after a night of dancing now have a new place in the day-- they serve as the backdrop to floating around my apartment trying to piece together my daily reality and act as a reminder to be gentle with our minds during these trying times. Great looking out the window music.

Third World, "Now That We Found Love"
On the other end of the spectrum, one of my favorite dance tracks of the moment, the classic Now That We Found Love. Extremely groovy rhythm and a great sing-along chorus, what else could you ask for? Turn this up this and dance around your house immediately and try not to feel a little happier, I dare you.

Top of the Pops live version

Disco single version (7+mins)


Miranda July - The First Bad Man
I actually found this book on the street earlier this month (back when you were allowed to touch things outside the house) and picked it up because I like Miranda July and had never read this one, which I guess was her first! What a trip. Uncomfortable, funny and weirdly erotic, I had no idea what I was getting into but I didn't know it would make me feel so many different things. I ate this book whole, it was my quarantine week one activity!

Zadie Smith - On Beauty
After devouring The First Bad Man I had the reading bug and not many books around to satiate the hunger, I did some digging and turns out I have a whole trunk of books hiding in plain sight (spring cleaning is on my horizon) and this is book that popped out at me. I'm extremely late to the game on Zadie Smith, I just read White Teeth last year (loved it, obviously) and am excited about diving head-first into On Beauty.


Tiger King
Duh, it's all the internet is talking about and I got sucked in too. A large part of my take away was a slow head shake with downward cast eyes.. this country is bonkers. I was surprised more than once during this story, could it get any crazier?! Yes, it can and it did.

I'm looking forward to seeing Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and wish I could be writing about that, but I haven't watched it yet!! Maybe tonight's the night so I have something a bit more culturally elevated to talk about!



Kraftwerk - Autobahn
It is considered a classic, but I shamefully have never listened to this record until recently. There are the obvious tropes about German avant-garde music of the '70s that I'd like to avoid, and if you look beyond them, you'll hear a record that is purely human despite it's electronics.
The production on this record is astounding. Everything is right up in your face, but still feels so polite--so unabashedly triumphant. It's the perfect trip to take from home.

Daniel Lopatin - Uncut Gems: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
How is it that any time I hear a synth, I immediately think to myself, "Ah yes, the future." Synthesizers have been around for 65 years and I still associate them with a period we have yet to realize. Anyway, the textures and compositions on this record are great and I feel like I'm stepping into someone else's simulation of a universe yet to unfold.

Against All Logic - 2017-2019
A friend of mine turned me onto this artist. I really like how the sounds are distorted and treated in ways that are surprising. The rhythms are fairly complex-can range from straightforward 4 on the floor to more intricate IDM, but what hits me most is the treatment of the sounds in this work and creative use eq/saturation.


Until the End of the World
I have a Criterion subscription (RIP Filmstruck and Kayak) and they are currently showing Wim Wender's 4 hour and 46 minute road-trip movie, Until the End of the World. The cinematographer, Robby Müller, basically worked on every favorite film of mine from Repo Man to 24 Hour Party People and so much in between, I'd be remiss to leave out his incredible work with Jim Jarmusch, William Friedkin, and Lars Von Trier as well. The movie was filmed in 11 different countries and took 22 weeks to shoot. I still don't know how I feel about this movie, but I do know there's some real beauty in there. Again, a great trip.


OBS Software
I've spent a few months messing with OBS, and a lot more time during the quarantine. This software is pretty powerful and you can stream on multiple platforms simultaneously. A lot of video game streamers utilize this to stream their broadcasts, but I'd love to see more artists incorporate it in some form into their work. To me, it's the future of live entertainment, but I have yet to see an artists use it in it's full capacity.

Public Practice - 2020 Tour Dates
July 13 – Jersey City, NJ - White Eagle Hall (supporting Parquet Courts)
July 14 – Philadelphia, PA - Ardmore Music Hall (supporting Parquet Courts)
Sept 21 - Birmingham, UK – Hare And Hounds
Sept 22 – Bristol, UK – The Louisiana
Sept 23 – Southampton, UK - Heartbreakers
Sept 24 – London, UK – Electrowerkz
Sept 26 – Glasgow, UK – Poetry Club
Sept 27 – Edinburgh, UK – TBA
Sept 28 – Manchester, UK – YES (Basement)
Sept 29 – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club

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