photos by Greg Cristman

There is one moment during shows where I try to take stock and reflect on my surroundings. It’s towards the end of Theme From PSB, when I’m holding the sample of Edward Murrow’s “this instrument can teach…” line. I’m pretty sure if you watch the one song from Glastonbury 2014 that the Beeb captured before their systems failed you’ll see me doing exactly that...

...Over the past two nights I held down that sample and looked out upon the space shuttle Enterprise and a happy and, dare I say, reverent crowd in New York City, a city I’ve always loved and held to be the epitome of a certain kind of brash, daring cool. We were playing a set filled with songs full of optimism and achievement, of faith in technology, progress and the human race. We were the first band ever to perform in the space shuttle pavilion on board the USA Intrepid. Some of the people directly involved in the songs - or their descendants - have been in touch to tell us how much they love what we’ve done and how much they appreciate their stories still being told.

In short, even in my tired, jet-lagged and generally anxious brain, it was a moment to savour and reflect on. - [PSB's J. Willgoose]

UK group Public Service Broadcasting made history over the weekend as the first band ever to play live in the Space Shuttle Pavilion on board The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, which they did both Friday (7/15) and Saturday (7/16). Given the band's second album was all about the '60s space race, it makes perfect sense for them to play there, especially with their live show that involves old newsreels and TV footage, not to mention a lot of tweed.

While on board The Intrepid, folks could not only check out the Space Shuttle Enterprise, but also a replica of the Starship Enterprise bridge, as part of the museum’s current ‘Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience.' (There was also Star Trek beer to be had at the PSB shows.) Some photos of that and Public Service Broadcasting's Saturday show on The Intrepid, in the gallery above.

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