words & photos by Stephanie Augello

After a few years on Staten Island, popular day festival Punk Island moved back to Governors Island. On Sunday, June 19th, the summer swelter enveloped the Father's Day crowd, as punk acts from New York and beyond gathered to celebrate the music and the lifestyle. Crowds of invigorated punk rockers spilled off the ferries to kick up dust in mosh pits, chant along with their favorite bands, and even simply relax under trees with friends new and old.

The event encompassed a portion of the island, with bands taking to 8 different stages sponsored by local DIY music organizations 7-10 Split Records, All We Got! Records, Brooklyn TransCore, Candy Apple Red/SBC Bookings, Dispatches from the Underground, Gilligan, Hoosatron, and Suburban Decay Records.

Dedications to the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando were abundant. Musical highlights included the melodic folk-punk of Texas outfit My Pizza My World, spirited Latina group Ratas en Zelo, and a special guest performance by longtime favorites Leftover Crack. Pictures of the day are in the gallery above.

Ratas En Zelo play NYC again TONIGHT (6/24) opening for Downtown Boys at Market Hotel. Pill and WALL are on the bill too. Tickets are still available.