by Ian Chainey

Punk Island

No man is an island. A punk fest? Yeah, we'll allow it.

The colossal Punk Island show spanning various stages in Staten Island on June 21 still requires your support. Last Thursday, the free, all-ages fest presented by MMNY and a Bunch of Punx hit its Kickstarter goal of $9,000. However, this only covers the "bare essentials," per the organizers. Thus, additional support has been requested, along with the news that benefit shows will also be scheduled to help lighten the financial load.

As it currently stands, Punk Island will feature a bill of nearly 100 bands and will encompass seven stages. Beginning in April, Punk Island's Facebook page has announced sets of 14 bands every Monday. Both the stages and currently confirmed bands are listed below. Needless to say, there's a ton more to come.

In other NYC punk news, Sad Boys have scheduled one last Brooklyn date before leaving to tour Japan. The Ground Zero compilation contributors will be joined by Survival, Creeping Dose, and Closet Case at Lulu's on May 8. Tickets are $7 at the door. The show description also mentions, ". . .a fucking balls to the wall 90s ass dance party," following the event in case you weren't sold already.

Find below the announced-so-far roster for Punk Island, a list of stages, and a particularly infectious Sad Boys set recorded for KBOO in 2013.


Sad Boys

Punk Island - Currently Confirmed Bands
16 Hundred Pound Pig (aka 16HPP) (New Paltz, NY)
Absinthe Rose (Boston, MA)
All Torn Up! (NYC)
Bad Behavior (NYC)
The Banner (Bloomfield, NJ)
Bitchmouth (Richmond, VA)
The Black Clouds (Monmouth County, NJ)
Blackout Shoppers (NYC)
Bombers (Queens, NY)
Cell 63 (upstate NY)
The Charley Few (Philadelphia, PA)
Concrete Cross (Chicago, IL and NYC)
Cop Problem (Philadelphia, PA)
Cry Havoc! (New Britain, CT)
Daly's Gone Wrong (Bronx, NYC)
Damn Broads (northwest CT)
Desekilibrio Social (NY/NJ)
Divisionary (Queens and Long Island, NY)
Empty Vessels (New London, CT)
Entropy (Orange County, NY)
Ex. by V. (Philadelphia, PA)
Exit 17 (New Paltz, NY)
Felix (East Islip, NY)
Gangway! (Long Island, NY)
Go Big (Long Island, NY)
Gone By Friday (Queens, NY)
The Homewreckers (Brooklyn, NY)
InCircles (Long Island, NY)
Inhuman (Brooklyn, NY)
The Jukebox Romantics (Westchester, NY)
Legend Of You (Queens, NY)
Little Waist (Brooklyn, NY)
Lost In Society (Asbury Park, NJ)
Mad Diesel (Brooklyn, NY)
Mens Room (Richmond, VA)
NCM (Brooklyn and New Paltz, NY)
OC45 (Boston, MA)
Opposition Rising (Boston, MA)
The Pandemics (Long Island, NY)
Penguin (Brooklyn, NY)
The Prettiest Meltdown (NYC)
Raw Nerves (Portland, OR)
Rebuilder (Boston, MA)
Reyna The Ripper (Los Angeles, CA)
Riot Fox (Brooklyn, NY)
Scarboro (Brooklyn, NY)
The Sex Zombies (Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ)
Through Thorn and Brier (Bayonne, NJ)

Punk Island Stages
Dispatches from the Underground Stage
Candy Apple Red Productions Stage
Brooklyn TransCore Stage
Gilligan Stage: Stage Manager from PUNK ISLAND I, Pete of NCM's Stage
Taking Back Queens / Uninspired Records
Uzuhi (NYC)
Vice (Staten Island, NY)
Wes Mantooth (Queens, NY)
World War IX (Brooklyn, NY)
Your House (Queens, NY)
Zombie Fight (NYC)

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