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Battlemaster at Heart of Winter Fest (more by Diana Lee Zadlo)

Call it the "heart of early spring" fest. Two stellar bands that roughed up the crowds at Heart of Winter fest, Battlemaster and Bastard Sapling will re-emerge from their coffins and team up with Inter Arma for The Charleston TONIGHT (Easter, 4/4) with Mutant Supremacy (who replaced Castevet on the bill). Later this year Bastard Sapling and Inter Arma will hit the road for a (much more) extensive US tour. Full tour dates below... lots of TBA's. Contact the band to help out.

Inter Arma have a new LP entitled Sundown due on Forcefield Records this spring. More on that soon.

40% of Inter Arma, 20% of Battlemaster and one Elway (of Celebrity Murders, CR, and Murdock fame) make up the great Bastard Sapling whose unholy rituals I managed to witness when they played Lit with Lightning Swords of Death.

Battlemaster are also on board for the third year of an absolutely insane free festival on Governor's Island. Punk Island returns this year on June 20th. The massive lineup features Negative Approach (!), Midnight, Nunslaughter, Star Fucking Hipsters, Infernal Stronghold, No Redeeming Social Value, and many other notables. The current and currently expanding lineup with some videos and those dates, below...


Bastard Sapling - Heart of Winter Fest

Battlemaster - Heart of Winter Fest

Inter Arma - Untitled, Live 11/30/08

Castevet at Heart of Winter Fest

Castevet at Heart of Winter Fest, Part II

Punk Island

Punk Island 2010 Band List

Abserdo NJ
All Rise NC
All Torn Up! NY
Angry & Broke Baltimore
Angry Youth VA
Assrash Minneapolis
Bad Luck 13 PA
Betty Sue Aside Baltimore
Blanks 77 NJ
Bloody Muffs NY
Broken CT
Bucket Flush PA
Buerger Wuerger Germany
Burning Heads France
Captain Ronzo & The Thirsty Pirates NY
Copyright Chaos CT
Crash Fist Fight Florida
Dead Aces NY
Dog That Bites Everyone NY
DOA Canada
Jonee Earthquake Band NH/MA/MD
Factor X NJ
First Strike NY
Fools on Sunday NY
Live Not On Evil PA
Mary Magdalan CA
Mean Streets PA
Mental Abuse NY
Mung Choke VA
Murder Majesty Las Vegas
Nancy and 2 Meteors VA
No Abuse NJ
Olde York NY
Pissant VA
Point Blank VA
Proles Blood PA/NJ
Psycho MASS
Razors In The Night MASS
Seizure Crypt NY
Sewage NY
Shelter Shock Baltimore
Team Spider NY
The Choices NJ
The Dwarves CA
The Pogo VA
The Rayguns NJ
The Revilers MASS
The Snails PA
To Be Hated FL
Tough Luck CT
Turbo AC's NY
Wombat in Combat NY
Y69 VT
Negative Approach MI
Simplistic Genocide CT

Alternative Tentacles Stage (ran by Jesse T):
Star Fucking Hipsters NY
Disaster Strikes MASS
Rentokill Austria
Ashers (Mark Unseen's new band) MASS
Common Enemy PA
*more bands to come

Thrash/Black Metal Stage (Ran by Brian Mikus)
NunSlaughter Ohio
Midnight Ohio
Infernal Stronghold PA
Battle Master VA
Hessian PA
Jenkem PA
Lethal Aggression NJ

Rotten Apple Stage (ran by Ellis First):
No Redeeming Social Value NY
Hub City Stompers NJ
Oxblood NY
Feet First NY
*more bands to come

Antisocial Promotions (ran by Rob Social):
Violent Society PA
Percocettes (Percs) PA
Combat Crisis PA
The Unpatriotics PA
The Underclassed PA
Refuse Resist MASS

CT Stage (ran by Eric Drawback):
Furiousity MASS
Drawback CT
Long Drop CT
Theatre Zombies CT
Bust It! CT
The Havnotz CT
The Clefts CT
Stress Bomb CT

Team ShredHer Stage:
*Bands to be determined + crazy Bike Punk demos

Foo's Stage
Dude Man Bro IL
She Likes Todd IL
Code Orange Kids PA
The Edukators PA
Wifebeater PA
Antispetic OH

Seizure Crypt NY
Straphangers NY
Caught in a Trap NY
Olde York NY
Bloodbeat NY
Endangered Feces NY
Trauma Team 666 NY
Yo! Scunt NY
Dealin' With It NY
Iconicide NY

B O S T O N stage:
Razors In The Night MASS
The Have Nots MASS
Nothing But Enemies/SCFC MASS
Burning Streets MASS
Revilers MASS
Cutthroat Society MASS

The Blame NY
Blackout Shoppers NY
Sexual Suicide NY
Skum City NY
more tba

Apr 4 2010 The Charleston Brooklyn, New York***
Apr 21 2010 The Triple Richmond, Virginia^
Apr 23 2010 Sinix Baltimore, Maryland^^
Jun 30 2010 Richmond, Virginia
Jul 1 2010 Raleigh, North Carolina
Jul 2 2010 Atlanta/Savannah, Georgia
Jul 3 2010 The Junkyard w/ Hot Graves Gainesville, Florida
Jul 4 2010 Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
Jul 5 2010 Sarasota, Florida
Jul 6 2010 Gulf Of Mexico Sarasota, Florida
Jul 7 2010 Tallahassee, Florida
Jul 8 2010 New Orleans, Louisiana
Jul 9 2010 Houston, Texas
Jul 10 2010 San Antonio, Texas
Jul 11 2010 Austin, Texas
Jul 12 2010 Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
Jul 13 2010 Santa Fe/Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 14 2010 Grand Canyon National Park Grand Canyon, Arizona
Jul 15 2010 Phoenix, Arizona
Jul 16 2010 San Diego, California
Jul 17 2010 Los Angeles, California
Jul 18 2010 San Francisco, California
Jul 19 2010 Oakland, California
Jul 20 2010 Arcata, California
Jul 21 2010 Redwood National Park Humboldt Co., California
Jul 22 2010 Eugene/Salem, Oregon
Jul 23 2010 Portland, Oregon
Jul 24 2010 Olympia, Washington
Jul 25 2010 Seattle, Washington
Jul 26 2010 Olympic National Park Clallam Co., Washington
Jul 27 2010 Visual Arts Collective w/ Uzala Boise, Idaho
Jul 28 2010 Denver, Colorado
Jul 29 2010 Lincoln, Nebraska
Jul 30 2010 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jul 31 2010 TBA w/ Half Gorilla Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aug 1 2010 Chicago, Illinois
Aug 2 2010 Indianapolis, Indiana
Aug 3 2010 Cincinnati/Columbus, Ohio
Aug 4 2010 Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 5 2010 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 6 2010 Crayola House w/ Earthling Harrisonburg, Virginia
** w/ Inter Arma, Battlemaster, Ramming Speed and Powerstance
*** w/ Inter Arma, Battlemaster and Castevet
^ w/ Ludicra, Krallice and 1 TBA
^^ w/ Cold Northern Vengeance, Oak & more

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