The Slow Death is the punk supergroup led by Jesse Thorson whose cast of members and collaborators includes members of The Ergs!, Dillinger Four, The Raging Nathans, Tiltwheel, and more, and their fourth LP Casual Majesty comes out July 8 via Rad Girlfriend Records. They've just put out lead single "Make 'Em Go Away," and it's a gritty, anthemic punk ripper that feels right out of the early 2000s melodic punk scene that some of this band's members helped shape, and it's refreshing today too.

"'Make Em Go Away' is a fun tune about trying not to lose your mind and lashing out at all the people around you who actually care about you so you are free to wallow in your own self pity," Thorson told us over email. "It was originally a really slow song 'til I sent it to my buddy, Davey Quinn from the band Tiltwheel, who sped it up and put some incredible guitar playing all through it."

Listen below...


The Slow Death

1. Is There Anything Left
2. Now I'm Into Nothing
3. Make 'Em Go Away
4. Imaginary Problems
5. Maybe It'd Be Wonderful video
6. Young Trees
7. Gimme One More Chance
8. I'm Not Letting It Go
9. Not Much For Waiting
10. A Quick One To Get Straight


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