London metallic hardcore band Pupil Slicer have just signed to Prosthetic Records and their first single for the label is "L’appel du Vide," which features guest vocals by Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys and production by Pedram Valiani of Frontierer/Sectioned.

"'L'Appel Du Vide' is about the call of the void and the anxiety that results from having to deal those upsetting, intrusive thoughts," vocalist/guitarist Kate Davies tells us. "This track marks the start of a new chapter for us musically, finally at a point in technical and songwriting ability where I feel we can convey how I wanted this project to sound since inception. The song features guest vocals from Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys, a friend that I met during the final Dillinger Escape Plan shows in New York a couple years ago. We immediately hit it off over a shared enthusiasm for all things mathcore. They had promised at the time to lend vocals to one of our tracks when we were ready and now we're finally at that stage, I'm happy to say that Carson absolutely killed it."

About signing to Prosthetic, Kate adds, "The opportunity to sign with Prosthetic Records is a fantastic one and the decision a real no-brainer. It is an honour to be on a roster beside so many great bands we all adore, especially meth., .gif from god and wristmeetrazor who have been big influences on us. We're really looking forward to being able to push ourselves with the extra backing and expand our musical boundaries further."

If you like the chaotic, forward-thinking metalcore of the Prosthetic bands Kate namedropped, you're probably gonna fall in love with this new Pupil Slicer song right away. It's harsh and noisy and intense, and it comes with an Art of the Glitch-produced video that's just as much of a sensory overload as the song itself. Check it out below, and you can download the song (and pick up merch) at Bandcamp.

Pupil Slicer


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