After releasing their great album Mirrors last year, UK mathcore band Pupil Slicer kicked off 2022 with the new single “Thermal Runaway,” a killer collaboration with The Armed’s Cara Drolshagen, and vocalist Katie Davies also lent their voice to the new Backxwash and Thotcrime albums. Now, Katie has shared with us a list of their favorite albums of the year, including Backxwash as well as Rolo Tomassi, Ithaca, Chat Pile, Static Dress, Charli XCX, The Callous Daoboys, and more. Read on for Katie’s full list, with commentary, in descending order…

Katie Davies’ Favorite Albums of 2022

10 – Rolo Tomassi – Where Myth Becomes Memory
Rolo ending their trilogy of albums produced with Lewis Johns with the best one yet, fantastic production, songwriting, the all around package. We were all big fans of Rolo before this was out and we had the honour to tour with them on the release of this album and hearing the songs every night was a dream come true.

9 – Ithaca – They Fear Us
Ithaca coming through with a huge step up from their already killer debut with an even stronger sophomore. Riffs galore with amazing hooks and finding their own identity. We toured with Ithaca earlier in the year and had the best time, the besties.

Backxwash finishes up her current trilogy of albums with the most diverse and interesting one yet, all were amazing but this one really refines the formula, culminating in a positive finale that had me crying the first time I heard it. (I’m also on this album which is mad because it’s such a fantastic piece of art.)

7 – Chat Pile – God’s Country
The most disgustingly abrasive, horrible, bleak and downright depressing album this year – what a slapper.

6 – Static Dress – Rouge Carpet Disaster
The forefront of the emo revival, blending electronic, pop and -core elements into a whirlwind of intense emotion and hooks that will keep you coming back over and over.

5 – SCALPING – Void
I first encountered SCALPING at ArcTanGent festival this summer, not having any idea what to expect besides our sound engineer insisting we had to go and dragging everyone along. Instantly they were cemented as the best band of the weekend with their hypnotising blend of techno/noise rock that is hard to put a finger on. A must listen for everyone tbh.

4 – Charli XCX – Crash
ICONIC – Charli making an excellently produced and thought out massive budget mainstream pop studio album just to show up Atlantic at the end of her contract before immediately going back to being weird.

3 – The Callous Daoboys – Celebrity Therapist
The pinnacle of Mathcore right now, literally the GOAT. Literally 10/10 front to back. Thanks daoboys. The first album was great but this is next level and the gang sound more like daoboys than ever before. What a fantastic year for bands really finding such amazing and distinct sounds for themselves. This is beautiful, this is art, this is Music 2.

2 – Andrew Prahlow – Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye (The Lost Reels)
Outer Wilds was one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever had, a thought-provoking and head-scratching mystery/exploration game that had me in tears by the end credits. Echoes of the Eye was a fantastic addition to the package and seamlessly integrated extra elements to the world and lore which elevated the whole thing. A score filled with fantastic leitmotifs, themes and incredible atmosphere really elevated the whole experience to the next level. I urge anyone remotely interested in video games or even just puzzles in general to give the game a go. The themes and story of Outer Wilds play a huge part in the themes and story of our 2nd LP that will be released next year.

Endwalker is my favourite game of all time. The culmination of the last 9 years of story playing out throughout Final Fantasy XIV in the most emotionally devastating and cathartic experience I’ve ever had in front of a screen. The last 5 or so hours I was bawling constantly. The themes of abject despair and existentialism formed the base for the structure of our next album which is basically a concept album about this game. I cannot listen to some of the tracks on this without immediately breaking down in tears. Essential.