Austin's Pure X are back with their first album in six years. The self-titled record will be out digitally on May 1 via Fire Talk and will be the band's first for the label. Vinyl will be out July 3. You can listen to two songs right now that show the group's dreamy, low-n-slow brand of psych is still in fine form: "Middle America" and "Fantasy." Watch videos for both, below.

In addition to the new album, Fire Talk will reissue Pure X's first two albums (Pleasure and Crawling Up The Stairs) on July 3 as well.


1. Middle America
2. Hollywood
3. Angels of Love
4. Free My Heart
5. Making History
6. Fantasy
7. Man With No Head
8. How Good Does It Get
9. Slip Away
10. Grieving Song
11. Stayed Too Long
12. I Can Dream

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