Purling Hiss' Mike Polizze teamed up with fellow Philly artist Kurt Vile to make his upcoming solo album, Long Lost Solace Find. Vile's influence feels strong on this new single. "I wish I wrote ‘Cheewawa' (guess I’ll have to cover it!)," says Kurt. "Luckily I got to play harmonica and sing ghost vocals on it... I’ve been waiting for this kinda Polizze.”

Meanwhile, Polizze says the video "was shot and edited in one day during the height of quarantine. On that afternoon, the spring cheer felt eerie against the bleakness of the pandemic. Things don't seem much better lately, but hopefully this will provide a brief moment of solace.”

Long Lost Solace Find is out July 31 via Paradise of Bachelors. Watch the "Cheewawa" video below.