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My name is Maynard James Keenan. Welcome to the party that goes on in my head 24 hours a day. Welcome to PUSCIFER, my creative subconscious. Welcome to my island of misfit ideas who've found no home with TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE, or CADUCEUS. Life is too short NOT to create something with every breath we draw. Puscifer celebrates this creative process. We embrace all mediums. Music, film, cuisine, winemaking, useless stuff made in china by slaves who beat baby seals, and very specific forms of martial arts that are completely ineffective but appear mysterious and edgy. There are more mediums, but spell check doesn't work very well on this profile thingy. Welcome to our clown car. Love, Maynard & Puscifer. Booty Bass from Jerome, Arizona.

I love Maynard James Keenan and all of his musical projects, but I am particularly intrigued by the whole Puscifer concept. Sure, it seems silly and a little schlocky, but it's such a fun concept that I can't help but give it huge props. Maynard is the only permanent member of the troupe, but there's a huge cast of characters in the rotation. And comedy fans with a keen eye and a good memory might remember that Puscifer's first documented appearance (with Maynard and Tool's Adam Jones) as a real entity occurred in the very first episode of Mr. Show (video below). Puscifer has NEVER appeared in New York City. But that's about to change when they play the Grand Ballroom on March 11th and then the Apollo Theater on March 13th. There's also a TBD NYC date on March 12th. There's a presale happening RIGHT NOW (password = METRO), but act fast because it ends in a matter of hours!

UPDATE: Tickets are now on general sale.

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Artist on Artist: Patton Oswalt & Maynard James Keenan

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Mar 2nd, 3rd Atlanta, GA CW Center Stage On sale NOW
Mar 5th, 6th Washington DC, Lincoln Theater On Sale NOW
Mar 8th, 9th Philadelphia, PA Theater of the Living Arts On Sale NOW
Mar 11th New York, NY Grand Ballroom On Sale NOW
Mar 12th New York, NY TBA
Mar 13th New York, NY Apollo Theater On Sale NOW

Mar 15th, 16th Boston, MA Berklee Academy of Music On sale NOW
Mar 19th, 20th Toronto, ON Queen Elizabeth Theater On Sale NOW
Mar 21st Lorain, OH (Cleveland) Lorain Theater On Sale NOW
Mar 23rd, 24th Detroit, MI Royal Oak Theater On Sale NOW
Mar 26th, 27th Chicago, IL Vic Theater On Sale NOW
Mar 28th Columbus, OH LC Indoor Pavillion On Sale Jan 30th
Mar 30th Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater On Sale Jan 29th
Mar 31st Kansas City, MO Uptown Theater On sale NOW
Apr 2nd, 3rd Minneapolis, MN Pantages Theater On Sale NOW

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