Pynuka is a new collaborative project between singer Anda Szilagyi (who previously played trumpet in Antibalas and The Dap Kings, backing both Sharon Jones and Lee Fields as a member of the latter, and who also has a solo career), Justin Broadrick (of Godflesh, Jesu, etc), and producer Christian Alexander of C Trip A. "It’s always so interesting working with people who come from very different musical backgrounds," Anda recently said via press release. "Pynuka is one of the most extreme collabs I’ve done in terms of this. My background tends to be more Jazz, funk, Brazilian music while Christian and Justin bring hip hop, ambient, club, rock, metal and industrial to the mix. The tracks we’ve done are all different than anything I’ve done before. I love working with these 2."

Earlier this year, they released their debut single "Tá N'agua," and we're now premiering their second single "Burn It All." You can hear all of their various backgrounds informing these singles, which end up falling into the airy, downtempo, dreamy art pop realm. Speaking about "Burn It All," Anda says:

"Burn It All" is such an emotional song that I get a bit carried away by it sometimes. There is such a slow motion ironically "under water" feeling to it. The melody came to me after about an hour of just vibing out to the track- so not one of those effortless experiences. When I heard it, I instantly felt it though: THATS THE MELODY. I had just watched this really deep documentary about the destruction of the Amazon and the old concept of Slash and Burn farming. They believe you have to burn the earth in order to make it fertile for the next growing season. It made me think of our belief in just throwing out so much of what we have just so we can get the newest version. Then came the lyric "Just burn it all, we can start over again."

Both Pynuka singles are out now via Translation Loss. Check both out below...


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