"As expected, all the big indie-yuppie bloggas followed the herd to Morningwood and slept through Q and Not U, who shredded the mainstage with their irresistable dance punk sui generis soon-to-be-extinct brilliance. Wazzup with the blogga ignorance regarding this terrific band? (Stereogum being the exception proving the rule.)" [Delescuze in my Siren comments section]

Just when you thought you saw (or didn't see) Q and not U's last NYC performance, you find out:

Sept 20th, 2005 7:00PM: Q and Not U @ KF, NYC
Sept 20th, 2005 11:00PM: Q and Not U @ KF, NYC
tix on sale tomorrow (Fri the 22nd) @ noon

Two shows in Washington DC also listed at their website.

And note to Delescuze: Daily Refill also saw Q and Not U

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