Q and not U "So I finally had the "existential vacation" I had been attempting at. Thursday and Friday was the last 2 q and not u shows which were so amazing. Today was the Operation Cease fire protest in DC. they said 300,000 people marched today. The Bellrays are amazing." [emptycalm's livejournal]

"q and not u's last song played together was "Soft Pyramids"." [lost's livejournal]

"So. This is what all the blogeoise skipped Q & Not U's last NY shows for? I don't know who you bloggaz get your scenester marching orders from, but something's awry. At least diversify a little. If Gothamist Jen sends five of you to Maroon 5 or Taking Back Sunday, at least one of you should break ranks and check something fresh and fleeting. Or maybe I'm missing something; does Anton's urine have some euphoric effect as it drizzles down your cochleae? Well, at any rate, it was a terrific show from an oddly underrated band going out on the way up. [A commenter in my BJM post]

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