As recently mentioned, Kyuss singer John Garcia is releasing a new album, John Garcia And The Band Of Gold, on January 4 via Napalm Records (pre-order), and going by recent single "Jim's Whiskers," it sounds like John hasn't lost his classic stoner rock touch one bit. He also says the album almost didn't even happen, and that it may be his last (though it's "highly unlikely" that he'll officially retire, he says). We traded some questions with John over email about the new album, the possibility of playing with the Kyuss guys again ("never say never"), and more. Head below for our chat...

You've led many bands over the years, more recently you did a couple solo albums, and now you've got the Band of Gold. How did this band come to be, and how has the experience playing with them been?

They have always been my band since 2014, though the writing process is more involved with them more than ever. They are all local guys… that was key in auditioning; they had to be local and obviously want to be involved in this project. They are great and part of the Garcia family. I’m very lucky to have them.

The album reunited you with Kyuss producer Chris Goss, and you said he "saved" the album. Could you elaborate on that, and what Chris brought to the table?

Well, the two guys I was working with pretty much took a shit in their bed and were rolling in it… kept stepping on the their dicks and tripping... they couldn’t handle it, it was too much for them… couldnt handle the rock… didn’t share the vision or the commitment. This record almost didn’t make it… was on life support, I needed major help and I could only trust one person and that was Goss… thank Jesus he decided to help me or this record never would have come out.

You also said it's "unclear" if you'll ever do an album again. You've been so prolific over the years - what's different now?

All the shit that comes along with music, like the two guys I was working with on this record… people not sharing the same passion and doing it for all the wrong reasons… the music business still can be rough, dealing with people who want to fuck you and only out for themselves. They and people like them crushed my faith in music… Goss brought it back. Family is very important to me as well… this would be the main factor if I decided to get all Jay Z and retire... but highly unlikely.

The solo albums came after you reunited with Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri for the Kyuss Lives! tour and then did the Vista Chino album with them. What brought that reunion to an end, and could you see yourself playing with those guys again?

Love those guys… I think we are all happy with where we are at in our lives… but I learned never say never… who knows what the future will bring? That said, I’m very happy with The Band of Gold and we are a real tight family. Dig it.

Speaking of Kyuss, now that it's behind you, could you talk about the lawsuit and falling out with Josh Homme?

Sure, basically one guy on a side of a fence with two other guys on the other… the one guy had a stick and he was poking at the other two guys… fucking silly as shit and full of nonsense. I still call full bullshit and adolescence. Lame. Don’t really think about it anymore as there are so many other more important things in life then dealing with a child throwing a fit about a so-called legacy… laughable.

Do you think things with him would ever be patched up enough for a Kyuss reunion?

Kyuss already reunited… just without $%^&. I still play Kyuss at every show I do and I will continue to do so as long as I’m alive.

Any last things you'd like listeners to know going into the new album?


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