Queens rapper G5 Elz is hip hop royalty. His father is Larry Smith who helped define the sound of Queens rap when he co-produced Run-DMC's first two albums with Russell Simmons, and G5 Elz has been studying his city's sound for his whole life. He's prepping a new EP, The Northside Punch, which includes the single "Feelin' Like," which was recently remixed by Smoke DZA. We're premiering the second single, along with its video, "Miss You." Talking about the song, G5 Elz says "Everybody has at least one person they came across in life that they miss but really shouldn’t," and the video matches the song's story. G5 Elz discusses him and his ex-girlfriend's history with a (very sexed up) therapist, while the video flashes back to shots of G5 Elz and his ex. Over a '90s-R&B-sounding beat from 183rd, G5 Elz gets pretty sentimental for this one. Watch/listen below.