Quicksand had been teasing something for Tuesday, April 13, and now that day has come and they've released a new song! It's called "Inversion," and it's their first new music since their 2017 album Interiors (which we just started selling on orange vinyl) and their 2018 EP Triptych Continuum. Those releases were the reunited band's first new music since the '90s, and they found Quicksand in fine form, picking up where their classic records left off but pushing forward as well. This new song does the same thing; it feels like classic Quicksand but it also feels new and exciting.

"The music to ‘Inversion’ was very squatter punk at first," frontman Walter Schreifels says. "To get something going vocally I started singing in an English Niel Nausea kind of vibe (Nausea are a peace/squatter punk band from the Lower East Side of Manhattan). The lyrics reflect the push and pull of being very connected through technology while at the same time being the most emotionally isolated group of humans to ever walk the planet and fun stuff like that."

The song comes with a video featuring art by Japanese artist Tetsunori Tawaraya (whose art was also used for the single artwork) and animation by Rob Fidel. Check it out below.

No word yet if this means another reunion album is coming, but stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Walter Schreifels has a livestream show on Vans.com/Channel66 every other Thursday, the same day The BrooklynVegan Show airs. This week (4/15) he'll be chatting with special guest Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm, etc) and he has a live performance by LIHC up and comers Rule Them All. Our show will feature Geoff Rickly chatting with us about the 20th anniversary of Thursday's Full Collapse and the ensuing emo boom, with a live set by Brooklyn emo up and comers Stay Inside. Our show's at 11 AM ET and Walter's starts at 5.


You can pick up Quicksand's Interiors on orange vinyl in the BrooklynVegan store.


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