Last year, genre-defying Buffalo musician Quinton Brock made a turn towards Pixies-esque alt-rock on his new single "To The Moon," and this year he followed it with "Touch," which kinda fuses the funk-leaning vibes of his 2019 album Scooter with his new rock direction. The song just got a new lyric video today and you can check that out below.

With the year coming to a close, we asked Quinton what his favorite music of 2021 was, and he made us a top 10 that features albums, a podcast, a zine, a music video, and more (including some stuff Quinton himself worked on). Check out his full list with commentary on each pick below...

Quinton Brock's Top 10 of 2021

Tal Simon - “Make Me” Music Video
Often time releases from early in the year are overlooked. Tal Simon’s "Make Me" music video is a raw look at NY through the eyes of a creative. It was my first time doing work behind the camera (respect the shooter) and his sound is so sick! I’m so excited for his new music and production work next year!

L’Rain - Fatigue
I did the intro and some other parts on the album! Taja and the entire band are incredible and the album is a masterpiece. I’m honored she chose me to be a part of it.

Bathe - Bicoastal
These are my guys!! I love this record and if you listen closely on the song Bolero you can hear me holding it down on the backgrounds!! Devin has a really special voice and Corey’s production is top tier!

Turnstile - Glow On
i just listened to this album more than any other record. It’s just so good. Straight up. The “Tunstile Love Connection” was a huge inspiration to me this year. The entire film is a masterpiece.

Baby Rose - To: You (a holiday joint)
This literally just dropped but it’s so fire!! I’m a sucker for the holidays so what’s a year list without some holiday cheer?? Rose is a once in a generation talent.

Camden Malik- Lost & Found
THE WORLD SLEEP ON CAM!! I swear this kid’s more consistent than most major label artists. Dude put out a 47 track record this year on top of EPs and mixtapes!

New Rory & Mal (podcast)
I been a fan of Rory & Mal for a few years now so to see them step into their own on the new podcast is so dope. They pushing the podding forward adding skits and the live show right off the bat! Just on some fan shit it’s dope to see!

The return of live music
This was probably the biggest life shift in the “new normal” for me and it couldn’t have come a day later! I’ve seen so many amazing shows since... from Ivy Sole at Prospect Park to Keiyaa at Baby’s All Right, to Quelle Chris, Black Midi and more!!

It was awesome being able to get back out on the road and play Shaky Knees fest as well as playing Brooklyn Steel sold out, at a point in life I didn’t know if that would ever be possible again.

Continuum Zine
This is the first zine release from Buffalo photographer K. Jacob. It marks a big moment for my hometown and I even dropped some lyrics from my upcoming album in there!

Releasing my single “Touch”
I wanted to capture that same feeling I got from my last single “To The Moon" but show a different side of myself at the same time. I wrote the song during lockdown at a time when I felt most alone. It’s special to me because as the world opens up I feel like we can live with the song and savor these moments we’ve all looked forward to for so long. Being able to meet with family and hold the ones we love. I feel like these emotions are so perfectly displayed in the lyric video by Durnis!

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