The great underground rapper R.A.P. Ferreira kicked off the 2021 with the release of Bob's Son on New Year's Day, and before the year wraps up he'll put out another album, The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures, on November 26 via Ruby Yacht. His announcement reads:

during the first of my 15 year exile in the city of gnashville, the light emitting diamond cutter scriptures revealed themselves to i. eleven concise chapters of pure will with no dilution. these scrolls were time tested during the roughest of waters. when the monk relinquishes all things, all baggages, all material goods, all styles, all names, all containers, all ideas to become a shimmering effusion. releasing on Black Friday 2021 (11/26)

The first single is "East Nashville," which was produced by Vast Ness, and it finds R.A.P. Ferreira's dizzying, mind-bending style in fine form. Listen and watch the video below.

R.A.P. Ferreira celebrates with a release show at Echoplex in LA the day the album comes out.

1. Contrapuntal
2. Brother Mouzone Library Card
3. Hyperion
4. Wedding Cake Eights
5. Humboldt Park Jibaritos
6. Gemilut Hashadim
7. Blackmissionfigs (Feat. Eldon)
8. East Nashville
9. Praise & Worship
10. Uptown 37
11. Hot Bref

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