R. Ring, the project of The Breeders' Kelley Deal and Ampline's Mike Montgomery, have announced a new album, their first since 2017. War Poems, We Rested comes out on January 23 via Don Giovanni Records. Additional contributions, including drums and arrangements, came from Laura King of Bat Fangs, as well as Lori Goldston on cello and Joe Suer on vibraphone.

The band have shared "Still Life," which opens the album. It's a brief but vivid rock song bolstered by strong drums and vocals. Kelley Deal comments on the lyrics:

It’s possible, sometimes, through substance abuse or self delusion, to exist in a realm of altered reality, where you imagine your life to be a delicious bowl of fresh fruit. When you finally wipe the haze off the mirror, you see through more sobered eyes that the fruit is rotting and the bowl is full of worms.

Listen to "Still Life," and check out the album art and track list for War Poems, We Rested, below.

The first 200 preorders of the album come with a limited edition poetry chapbook featuring contributions from Sadie Dupuis, Hanif Abdurraqib, Lee Renaldo, Amber Tamblyn, Jackie Clark, Sara Jaffe, Rose Zinnia, Alejandro de Acosta, Jeremy Michael Clark, and Peter Davis.

R Ring, War Poems, We Rested

War Poems, We Rested tracklist:
1. Still Life
2. Hug
3. Stole Eye
4. Likeable
5. Exit Music
6. Cartoon Heart/Build Me A Question
7. Def Sup
8. Embers On A Sleepwalk
9. Volunteer
10. Lighter Than A Berry
11. War Poems

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