R Stevie Moore is the prolific king of low fi, having released hundreds of cassettes over the last 50 years. Jason Falkner has made highly orchestrated pop with Jellyfish, Eric Matthews, and Beck (not to mention some wonderful solo records, like 1996's Author Unknown). Put them together and you get Make it Be, their wonderful collaborative album that will be out March 10 via Bar-None.

Working mostly with songs R Stevie had already written, the pair made the record at Jason's studio in LA over the course of two weeks with Falkner continuing to work on it after Moore departed. "Recording with Jason was a dream, totally incredible, we showed a similar sense of both crazed adventure and textbook pop discipline," says Moore. "The sessions moved fast, just gleefully piling on overdubs. I am grateful he allowed me to just dive into any left-field idea I felt. JF's a marvelous producer and killer drummer, but I don't think he usually gets quite as much creativity to tinker with as he did with me. Time was tight, so we didn't get to dig much deeper and really stretch out with more brand new co-writing as we desired. Hope that happens someday."

There is no better example of this peanut butter cup collision than album opener "I H8 Ppl," a bitter power pop pill that is both polished and rough around the edges, complete with a killer chorus. The song premieres in this post and you can stream it below.

Make it Be can be preordered now (physical/digital). Will Jason and R Stevie be playing shows? Nothing concrete yet apart from SXSW. Album art and tracklist are below.



R Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner - Make it Be tracklist
I H8 Ppl
Another Day Slips Away
I Love Us, We Love Me
Gower (Theme From A Scene)
Strictly Prohibited
Horror Show
Guitar Interplé
Sincero Amore
Don't You Just Know It
If You See Kay / Run For Your Lives!
Guitar Interplay Dos
That's Fine, What Time?
Play Myself Some Music
Passed Away Today
Album Drop
I Am The Best For You
Falkner Walk